Certificate in Professional Marketing

Certificate program (The Charetered Institute of Marketing)

Certificate 9 months

About Certificate in Professional Marketing programme

A CIM qualification at Level 4 builds on your tactical marketing skills enabling you to advance your marketing career and perform professionally at an operational level within your marketing department.

You’ll have the choice to choose from two qualifications at this level, to suit your individual career path. Each module can also be achieved as an individual award.

Take a step further by going beyond the basics of marketing and become an even more effective marketer with the CIM Level 4 Certificate in Professional Marketing.  This qualification has been developed for those who are in marketing and are looking to progress their career, giving you the practical skills and knowledge to devise and implement tactical marketing activities and campaigns.

Who is it for? 

Junior marketers, working in a support role or simply undertaking marketing as part of their job.

Entry requirements for Certificate in Professional Marketing

This qualification is the equivalent to the first year of a foundation degree, which means you will need to meet at least one of these criteria:

  • CIM level 3 Foundation Certificate in Marketing qualification
  • Any relevant level 3 qualification
  • Any UK degree or international equivalent
  • International Baccalaureate (equivalent to NQF level 3 and above)
  • Professional practice (suggested one year in a marketing role) and diagnostic assessment onto level 4

Certificate in Professional Marketing Course Subjects

Applied Marketing: The role and function and function of marketing in some depth, as well as what influences the behaviour of your customers. You will be able to apply and adapt a marketing mix to satisfy customer needs.

Planning Campaigns: The many different ways of communicating with customers, both inside and outside the organisation.

Customer Insights: It deals with ways to improve and understand customer experience.

Colleges offering Certificate in Professional Marketing

Certificate in Professional Marketing

Westford International Training College
Nairobi County