TV and Film Production Program Offered at Talanta Institute

Talanta Institute

Nairobi County

Certificate Part-Time Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Certificate (Accredited by: Talanta Institute)

About TV and Film Production Certificate program.

Technology demands that to keep up and even stay ahead, a lot of development and constant refining of skills needs to be the centre of attention. In the field of TV and Film, a discipline that interlaces camera work (photography and videography), sound operations, lighting techniques, production management, scripting, public relations, and portfolio building based on practical projects, Talanta institute provides the height of training to produce competent experts.

With industry practitioners brought in as trainers and a grasp of a vast knowledge of the market structure and market experience, Talanta Institute palms out a practical hands-on and experiential learning. Our other salient driver to success is latest equipment currently ranked top in this industry.

Since it’s never just about showing our students the walls to scale but also giving them ladders built with sustainable rungs, trainers also focus on mentorship and entrepreneurship, unveiling champions who are fully equipped to take on their careers.

About Talanta Institute

Talanta Institute is a registered Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) established out of the need to rectify the skills mismatch that exists in the market between job-seeking graduates and employers. It was registered in December 2016 and had its first enrolment in January 2017 with a keen focus ... read more