Eyebrow Treatment and Eyelash Enhancements Program Offered at Bywinnie Beauty Trianing Institute

Certificate 2 months Part-Time Fee: on application Intake: Ongoing

Certificate (Accredited by: Bywinnie Beauty Trianing Institute)

About Eyebrow Treatment and Eyelash Enhancements Certificate program.

Eyelash enhancements and eyebrow treatments are popular services that have taken the beauty industry by storm and being able to offer them is essential for your business.

This Eyebrow Treatment and Eyelash Enhancements certificate course gives you a qualification that will enable you to carry out the treatments successfully and safely.

Eye treatments have become increasingly popular within the beauty industry, with many opting for semi-permanent solutions to the hassle of applying make-up daily but still desiring the enhanced facial definition that lashes and brows bring.

Celebrities have pioneered the exponential popularity of these treatments, integrating them as a must-have within our grooming-routine and consequently eradicating the need for a brow-pencil or mascara in your handbag.

From dramatic lashes to flatteringly-tinted brows, eye-related treatments are in-demand all year round and the semi-permanent nature of the treatment means that your clients will return regularly for maintenance, making them extremely profitable services to offer. 

Eyebrow Treatment and Eyelash Enhancements Course Subjects

  1. Anatomy and Physiology
  2. Health and Safety practice
  3. Provide Eyelash Perming
  4. Individual Permanent Lashes
  5. Customer Care
  6. Monitor and Maintain Spa Area
  7. Working in The Beauty Related Industries
  8. Professional Conduct & Business Awareness

About Bywinnie Beauty Trianing Institute

Bywinnie Beauty Trianing Institute is an International Therapy Examination Council (ITEC) approved training centre that offers courses in beauty therapy.

We offer various programs in advanced beauty therapy, massage therapy, spa and body therapy, skin care specialist, and nail technology course.


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