A career in blogging

02 Jan 2020
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A career in blogging

Blogging has evolved from a high niche hobby to one of the most effective marketing and branding platforms an online company can leverage.
Corporate blogs provide an avenue of communication between businesses and their customers and they allow any organization to inform the public of breaking news and upcoming events.
The introduction of blogs has given companies a way to boost their online exposure, enhance and shape their reputations, while also improving their organic search rankings.

Bloggers can support a company in a variety of roles including part-time contributors, content managers and higher-level corporate positions that require more blogging experience and advanced industry knowledge.
These opportunities depend on the size of the company, the purpose of the blog and the experience of the blogger. As a result, confident writers who understand the voice of a company may find blogging work a flexible and creative alternative to traditional business writing.

Working in Blogging

The role of a blogger revolves around developing a company's content strategy and executing it through a number of possible approaches.
A blogger who is well versed in SEO will use keyword-rich content to the benefit of improved natural search rankings.
They may also focus their content on the latest industry trends, as opposed to just the company brand, to appeal to their target audiences' interests.
Ultimately a successful blogger will improve public relations, provide an appealing and informative voice for a company brand, and attract more visitors to subscribe to the blog.

Blogging Job Responsibilities

This is a list of responsibilities commonly associated with blogging jobs.

  • Developing company content strategies
  • Writing regular blog posts
  • Marketing blog posts through social media
  • Promoting company news and events
  • Optimizing blog posts for natural rankings

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