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Private College

Our Lady of Mercy Vocational Training Center


Our Lady of Mercy Vocational Training Center is a Private College located in Likoni Consituency and is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) to offer Diploma and Certificate programs.

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About Our Lady of Mercy Vocational Training Center

Our Lady of Mercy Vocational Training Centre is a higher learning tertiary centre which is located along Likoni Road, at the Mukuru Promotion Centre Head Office.

Mukuru Promotion Centre is an organization run by the Sisters of Mercy. It deals with education, health and social programs.

At Our Lady of Mercy Vocational Training, students can acquire technical skills in different fields that can help them later in their future careers and also in life.

The Skills Training Centre is specially designed to impart practical skills to students with a view to future employment.

The Vocational Training Centre was born out of a sincere desire to provide a wholistic approach in higher education, and reaches out to provide stimulation and motivation for self-development for our students.

Facilities include classrooms, computer lab, hairdressing lab, catering skills restaurant for practicals, dressmaking class, which all have modern facilities.

Vision statement:

In partnership with the Mukuru community, Mukuru Promotion Centre envisions: "The Mukuru Community attaining sustainable, wholistic human development and self-reliance."

Mission statement:

In the spirit and charisma of Catherine McAuley and the Sisters of Mercy and in partnership with stakeholders, Mukuru Promotion Centre will: "Provide early childhood development education, primary education, secondary education, vocational skills, social rehabilitation and health services to the Mukuru community.

Courses offered at Our Lady of Mercy Vocational Training Centre are:

  • Garment Making (Grade I & II)
  • Front Office Operations & Management
  • Hairdressing and Beauty
  • Catering
  • Plumbing and Masonry (Grade I & II)
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Computer Packages
  • Deejaying

Why study at Our Lady of Mercy Vocational Training Center

Mukuru Promotion Centre (MPC) is a faith-based, non-profit organization founded in 1985 by the Sisters of Mercy.  The Centre has expanded to meet the needs of a growing population and operates multiple projects in education, health, social welfare, social rehabilitation and environmental change.

For more than 30 years MPC has been part of the Mukuru community comprising over 20 informal settlement villages with a population of 600,000.  Sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy, in the Spirit of their Foundress Catherine McAuley, MPC endeavours to give children, adults and families, including those with disabilities, hope for a better and brighter future.  Located on 5 different sites within a 3km radius and a staff of over 130 members, the outreach is considerable.

The operational side of MPC is only made possible through the generosity of like-minded organizations, both locally and overseas.  Together, the lives of thousands of people living in the informal settlement are transformed through education, health and welfare.

Programs offered at Our Lady of Mercy Vocational Training Center


Catering and Accommodation

Certificate NITA

Catering and accomodation certificate programme by NITA

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Fashion Design (apparel design)

Certificate NITA

Fashion and design diploma NITA

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Hair Dressing

Certificate NITA

This NITA examined hairdressing certificate program prepares you for an exciting career as a hairdresser.The programme allows you to express your creativity and your talent by incorporating theory...

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Certificate NITA

Masonry is the building of structures from individual units, which are often laid in and bound together by mortar; the term masonry can also refer to the units...

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Plumber, Pipe Fitter

Certificate NITA

Plumbers and pipe-fitters assemble, install, and make changes in pipe systems used to carry water, steam, air, and other liquids and gases. They install plumbing fixtures, such as...

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Plumbing Pipefitter - Artisan

Certificate NITA

Plumbers install, alter and repair the systems that keep water and waste disposal systems running, and that provide many basic amenities. They read and interpret blueprints and project...

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