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Gertrudes Institute of Child Health and Research


Gertrudes Institute of Child Health and Research is a Private College located in Westlands Consituency and is accredited by the Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) to offer Diploma and Certificate programs.

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About Gertrudes Institute of Child Health and Research

Nestled within the serene surroundings of Gertrude's Children's Hospital in Muthaiga, along the picturesque Muthaiga Road just a stone's throw away from Nairobi's bustling Central Business District, lies Gertrude's Institute of Child Health and Research—a beacon of excellence in pediatric training and research.

Founded in 1947, Gertrude's Children's Hospital has remained steadfast in its commitment to providing unparalleled healthcare to children not only in Kenya but also from neighboring countries across Eastern and Central Africa. With over 15 facilities strategically located in and around Nairobi, the hospital caters to the needs of more than 300,000 outpatients annually, while admitting over 9,000 patients at its 100-bed facility in Muthaiga.

Renowned as the most established pediatric hospital in the region, Gertrude's Children's Hospital offers a comprehensive range of healthcare services, including preventive care, accident and emergency services, outpatient care, inpatient medical and surgical care, and rehabilitation services. With specialist care covering over 20 pediatric specialties, the hospital ensures that children receive the highest standards of medical treatment and attention.

In addition to its primary healthcare services, Gertrude's Children's Hospital operates a dedicated teen clinic, providing comprehensive healthcare to teenagers and young adults. The hospital is licensed and recognized as a Level 5 Healthcare Facility, a Tertiary Referral and Teaching Children's Hospital.

With a staff complement of 750, including 90 doctors and 250 nurses, Gertrude's Children's Hospital places a strong emphasis on staff training and development, ensuring that its team remains at the forefront of pediatric healthcare excellence. The hospital works with over 200 independent specialist consultants to provide high-quality healthcare services to its patients.

Moreover, Gertrude's Children's Hospital is home to the Gertrude’s Institute of Child Health and Research, which coordinates all training activities. The institute offers specialized training for nurses and accredited short courses in areas such as resuscitation, contributing to the continuous professional development of healthcare practitioners.

Distinguished by its unwavering commitment to quality and safety, Gertrude's Children's Hospital has implemented a robust quality and safety program, benchmarking its care processes and outcomes with the best children's hospitals worldwide. The hospital holds the prestigious accreditation from the Joint Commission International (JCI), USA, setting the gold standard for healthcare quality, safety, and management in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Beyond its healthcare services, Gertrude's Children's Hospital, through the Gertrude's Hospital Foundation, collaborates with various partners to extend much-needed care to children from less privileged backgrounds, particularly those in informal settlements. The hospital also works tirelessly with local and international partners to establish highly specialized services, provide advanced training, and enhance the quality of pediatric care across sub-Saharan Africa.

In conclusion, Gertrude's Institute of Child Health and Research stands as a testament to excellence in pediatric healthcare, training, and research—a beacon of hope for children and families across the region.

Why study at Gertrudes Institute of Child Health and Research

Gertrude?s Institute of Child Health and Research Muthaiga endeavours to constantly improve child health and general health
care through innovations and development of evidence based courses.

Gertrude?s Children?s Hospital aims to be the leading provider of world-class children?s healthcare in Eastern Africa.

courses run by the Institute include phlebotomy, European Paediatric
Advanced Life Support (EPALS) which is accredited by the Resuscitation
Council of United Kingdom (RCUK), Paediatric First Aid, Diploma in
Counselling: Child and Adolescent option, Emergency Triage Assessment
and Treatment PLUS Admission Care (ETAT)

Programs offered at Gertrudes Institute of Child Health and Research


Kenya Registered Neonatal Critical Care Nursing (KRNCCN)

Higher Diploma Nursing Council of Kenya

A neonatal critical care nurse is a licensed registered nurse who cares for newborns who need round-the-clock attention.These young patients are typically born prematurely or with some type...

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Certificate ABE

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Kenya Registered Community Health Nurse (KRCHN)

Diploma Nursing Council of Kenya

Modern nursing was established by Florence Nightingale,  a British nurse.  She established St. Thomas? Hospital and the Nightingale Training School for Nurses in 1860. Her efforts to reform...

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Counseling Psychology

Certificate KNEC

This Counselling Psychology certificate programme is a 1-year course, whose objective is to equip students with the basic psychology knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences that will enable them...

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Default Program

Certificate ABE

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Default Program

Certificate ABE

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Default Program

Certificate ABE

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Gertrudes Institute of Child Health and Research - Historical journey

Gertrude?s Institute of Child Health and Research Muthaiga was started in 1999 as a training centre for Paediatric Advanced Life Support for Gertrude?s staff but later incorporated other hospitals.

In 2005, it was approved by the Nursing Council of Kenya (NCK) to offer Higher National Diploma in Paediatric Nursing.

In 2007, the school was approved to offer Kenya Registered Community Health nursing (upgrading course for Enrolled-Registered nursing).

In 2013, we got approval to train Kenya Registered Paediatric Critical Care nursing, the only one of its kind in East and Central Africa.

In 2014, the Institute started Emergency Medical Technician Advanced Course.

In 2016, we were accredited by The Nursing Council of Kenya to train Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN) Programme.

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