Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute

Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute

Private College

Nairobi County

Accredited by: Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA)

About Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute

Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute (ACCTI) was founded in 1979 and has a rich experience in the counseling and training fields. It is an independent not for profit voluntary organization that provides counseling services to people with emotional and psychological problems, offers training for professional counselors as well as equip those on helping professions with counseling skills. ACCTI offers training in psychological counseling and Social work and Community development in short courses, certificate and Diploma levels.

Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute tailor makes programmes for Institutions on Employee Assistance programs. In addition, the Centre offers short courses and workshops on need base analysis. Amani has highly qualified staff who undertake in-service training regularly. Amani has a vast market reach with regional offices in Mombasa, Kisumu, Nyeri, Nairobi CBD and a sub-branch in Ugunja.

Strategic objectives of the Centre are:

  1. Effective and efficient service delivery to individuals, communities and organizations

  2. Enhanced stakeholders relations

  3. Enhanced Institutional Capacity

  4. Increased financial sustainability

ACCTI’s Headquarters is located along Mbagathi way off Langata road opposite Jonathan Gloag academy. Reach us on 0722 626 590.

ACCTI’s CBD office is located along Tom Mboya street at Mwalimu National Sacco building 8th floor opposite Ambasador Hotel. Reach us on 0718 225 627.

The therapeutic approach of ACCTI is holistic, bringing each part of the human aspect, body, mind and soul into wholeness.
ACCTI's underlying philosophical orientation is aimed at “Restoring and development of the dignity of the human person which strives to extend its concern to all in need, regardless of religious belief, economic class or ethnic orientation”.
ACCTI has formed strong partnerships with key stakeholders such as local and international communities and actors at policy making level to achieve sustainable results.

Our Mandate
ACCTI strives to promote mental health in the society through the provision of the following services;

  • Clinical services. These include counselling for individuals, couples, children, and groups by professional and qualified staff. It also entails clinical supervision services for practicing counsellors and psychological support for care providers. These services are provided both at Amani and outside Amani premises as per clients’ request.
  • Training in counselling and Social work & Community development both at certificate and diploma levels.
  • Tailor making and organizing training workshops, seminars and short courses in response to societal needs from different organizations and institutions. These institutions include Government Agencies, Corporates as well as International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) and Public Benefit Organizations (PBOs).

Vision: Holistic individuals, communities and organizations in Kenya and beyond.

Mission: To professionally facilitate the realization of holistic individuals, communities and organizations in Kenya and beyond.

Core values: Christian Spirituality; Professionalism; Integrity; Empathy; Confidentiality; Personal Development; Respect; Team Work; Gender and Diversity; Participation.

Why study at Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute

Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute is a centre that provides counselling services to people with psychological needs and offers training for professional counsellors and social workers.

Benefits of studying at Amani include:

  • Well Established Centre with 37 years of experience.

  • A Registered Training Centre by NITA, TVETA CDACC and The Ministry of Education.

  • Conducive studying atmosphere.

  • A widely networked agency

  • Experienced and highly qualified staff under frequent supervision.

  • High confidentiality levels maintained.

  • A dedicated Child Play Therapy Room.

Courses offered at Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute

Counselling Psychology

Amani Counselling Centre and Training Institute
2 years