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regional center for tourism  foreign languages

Spanish program

Regional Center for Tourism & Foreign Languages

Diploma Program 18 Months

Course Details

Course Overview

The spanish course at Regional center for Tourism and Foreign Languages is taught at four different levels: Elementary level, this comprises of Basic I (3 months) and Basic II (3months). Intermediate Level, 3 months, however one needs to have passed Elementary level exams. Advanced Level, 3 months, one needs to have passed Intermediate level exams. Diploma Level, 6 months. one needs to have passed Advanced level exams. On successful completion of Spanish course Basic II, Spanish course Intermediate Level and Spanish course Advanced level, students are awarded RCTFL certificates / Diplomas. A student can also site for an International Diploma Examination from our recommended institutions in various countries.

Minimum Entry Requirements

To register for a particular level of study, the student at RCTFL needs to have completed the pre-ceeding levels of study and passed the exams.
If one is already exposed to the sapnish language, there is an option of joining ongoing classes.
At RCTFL we have eveneing and Saturday classes for orals only, for those who have already acquired the langauge and would like to polish their speaking and listening skills.

We have a one month crush course for those preparing to visit or expect to meet a person from a country where spanish is spoken.
This also applies to those preparing to work as au-pairs in Spanish speaking countries.

Course Objectives

If you would like to travel, work or interact with people from various regions of the world, knowledge of languages spoken within and out of the continent is inevitable.
RCTFL's backbone is hospitality and we guarantee quality training through our qualified, well travelled and experienced tutors.

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