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University of Nairobi

Postgraduate Diploma Program 4 YEARS

Course Details

Course Overview

The Postgraduate Diploma in Gender and Development Studies Programme is intended for university graduates and other development professionals from the private and public sectors who are interested in gender and development issues and wish to acquire the skills of engendering the development process on issues of policy and practice. The course begins with a conceptual understanding of gender and proceeds to analyze long-standing patterns of, and changes in, gender roles and relations in contemporary situations. Using a gender perspective, the course ends with a project based on action-oriented approaches to gender integration into main stream development planning, programming and implementation to ensure gender equity in resource allocation.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements for admission at the University of Nairobi for the above programme are:


1.      Holders of a degree from the University of Nairobi or from other institutions recognized by the University of Nairobi Senate.

Course Objectives

The central objective of this course at the University of Nairobi is on gender planning and integration in ways that are sensitive and responsive to the basic, practical and strategic needs of men and women at all levels of development intervention.

Course Program

Course outline

Basic Concepts in Gender Analysis

Paradigmatic Shifts in Gender Discourse

Integrating Women and Gender Mainstreaming

Gender and Sustainable Human Development

Methodological Technique in Gender Research

Elective Courses

Gender Issues in Cross-Cultural Studies

Gender and Urban Development

Gender and the Global Communications Network

Human Context of Diet & Nutrition

Human Reproductive Ecology

Gender & Natural Resource Management

Gender and Rural Development

Project (compulsory)

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