University of Nairobi

University of Nairobi (UoN)


  • Masters Program
  • Duration : 4 years

Course Overview

 In offering this course the University of Nairobi instills sufficient knowledge on: how to design and execute data collection; how to analyze qualitative data; how to identify among the given research problems and objectives which ones require qualitative methods of data collection and data analysis; how to synchronize the two approaches (qualitative and quantitative) from the planning stage to data collection and data analysis; how to cut down time elements in data collection, usually very long in some of these techniques used in qualitative methodology; and theoretical, philosophical and scientific basis or rationales of the validity of qualitative methodology.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements admission for the above course to the University of Nairobi:

1.      Holder of a Bachelorís degree of the University of Nairobi

2.      A candidate who has obtained a degree or an equivalent qualification from other institutions recognized by senates as of comparable academic status.

3.      Non-degree holders such as High National Diploma in statistics, administration, computer science, actuarial sciences or equivalent qualification from institutions recognized by the Senate as comparable academic status, will also be eligible for admission into the course.


Course Objectives

The general purpose of the University of Nairobi in offering the course is:

1.      Provide knowledge and skills in both qualitative and quantitative approaches in social research.

2.      Enable the student to understand the theoretical, philosophical and the scientific basis for the validity of qualitative and quantitative methods; design and synchronize qualitative and quantitative methodologies

3.      Analyze qualitative methodologies through learning appropriate computer software packages; identify relevant qualitative theoretical frameworks and operational concepts; develop instruments of data collection and field procedures.

4.      Develop qualitative and quantitative data processing procedures; use computer based qualitative and statistical techniques of social research for data analysis; and, prepare publishable reports and papers.

Course Program

Course outline

Rationale of Quantitative and Qualitative Methodologies

Theoretical Frameworks of Population and Development

Impact of Socio-cultural Beliefs, Values, Practices and Ideologies.

Theory of Research Design

Designing Qualitative and Quantitative

Research Project

Methods of Data Collection and Analysis Techniques

Data Processing & Computer Applications

Evaluation of Research Projects & Report Writing


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