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  • Proffessional Qualification Program
  • Duration : 4 years

Course Overview

The advent of information age has refocused different views on hitherto highlighted aspects of planning. In particular, utilization of the global resources has been shown to be affected by population. It has therefore been recognized that population components are necessary in nearly all planning. This requires that planning specialists should consider population variables in their planning. The purpose of this course is to provide population variables in their planning with adequate knowledge to enable them appreciate the important inter-relationships between population variables and development.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements for admission into the course at the University of Nairobi:

1.      Holder of a Bachelor’s degree of the University of Nairobi

2.      A candidate who has obtained a degree or an equivalent qualification from other institutions recognized by Senate as of comparable academic status

3.      Non-degree holders include some exemptions such as experience and professional qualifications for eligibility in the programme.

Course Objectives

The purpose of this course offered at the University of Nairobi is to:

1.      Enhance the knowledge and skills of policy makers, planners and implementers of population and development programmes.

2.      Enable trainees understand population dynamics in relation to development planning at global, national and grassroots’ level.

3.      Facilitate understanding and application of the basic techniques for measuring population and development parameters using relevant data

4.      Enable trainees understand the interrelationships between socio-economic, cultural, environmental factors and population; review the development and implementation of population policies, programmes and strategies with special reference to Kenya.

5.      Integrate population variables into development planning; apply monitoring and evaluation skills in population and development programmes.

6.       Analyze population and development data using micro-computers; and, relate the knowledge gained to the practical situation.

Course Program

Course outline

Population Dynamics

Population and Development Planning

Population Projections

Monitoring and Evaluation

Population Programmes

Computer Data Analysis

Impact of Socio-cultural Beliefs, Value, Practices and Ideologies

Theory of Research Design


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