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university of nairobi


University of Nairobi

Masters Program 2 YEARS

Course Details

Course Overview

Trained skilled manpower is expected to act as a catalyst for enhancing the productivity and human support capacity for pastoral systems in the region. The objectives of this programme offered at the University of Nairobi are to equip trainees with relevant skills to enable them participate in the rehabilitation, rational management and efficient utilization and conservation of arid and semi-arid land resources.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Qualification for admission to Master of Science in Poultry Science in the University of Nairobi:

1.      Holders of the following degree awards of the University of Nairobi or equivalent qualifications from universities or institutions recognized by the senate of the University of Nairobi;

a) Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine.

b) Bachelor of Science with at least Upper Second-Class Honours in Agriculture, Range Management, Food Science and Technology.

2.      Holders of Lower Second-class Honours degree or with at least two years relevant experience;

3.      Holders of Pass degree or equivalent qualifications as listed in 2.2.1 above with either a relevant post-graduate diploma or five years experience.


Course Objectives

The main objectives of the University of Nairobi in offering this programme are to:

1.      Equip poultry scientists with knowledge and skills to enhance sustainable utilization of resources to increase poultry productivity.

2.      Train manpower to undertake academic responsibility in research, consultancy and teaching in poultry science.

Course Program

Course Units

Avian physiology



Biometry & computer use

Principles of scientific Comm.

Integrated resource Mgt

Energy & Protein Metabolism

Mineral and vitamin Metabolism

Poultry nutrition

Mendelian, population and quantitative genetics

Molecular & conservation genetics in poultry

Poultry breeding plans

Poultry production systems

Poultry Health Mgt

Poultry products, processing and quality control


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