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university of nairobi

Master of Science in Nursing program

University of Nairobi

Masters Program 2 Years

Course Details

Course Overview

 Quality health care is essential in the promotion of health, prevention of and management of diseases. The nurses play a major role in the health care delivery.

The nursing profession is in need of nurses trained at higher levels in order to take up positions in clinical practice, research, management and teaching.

The school of Nursing Sciences at the University of Nairobi, aims to train nurses with appropriate skills in specialised areas within the nursing profession.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Holders of Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from the University of Nairobi or an equivalent qualification approved by the senate. The applicants should be registrable by a professional body of nursing.

Holders of any first degree in a related field recognised by the senate of the University of Nairobi as being of comparable academic status, in addition to holding a higher or Advanced Diploma in Nursing. The candidate must be registrable by a professional body of Nursing.

Transfer of Credits

  1. A candidate may be allowed to transfer credits from institutions recognised by senate up to a maximum of one third of the taught units subject to the following conditions.

  2. Send a formal application to the Director, Board of postgraduate studies through the Dean of the Faculty, seeking transfer of credit, with justification of the request and attach certificates, syllabus and transcript which would support such a request.

  3. Apply for transfer of credit, which shall be processed only after payment of the prescribed fees.

  4. Applicants will only be allowed to transfer credits for courses, which are equivalent and /or at the same level with what is offered at the University of Nairobi.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the Master of Science in Nursing degree programme at the University of Nairobi are to:

  1. Train skilled personnel specialised in clinical areas of Nursing.

  2. Equip students with skills and ability to teach and carry out research in Nursing

  3. Equip students with managerial and administrative skills to enable them undertake professional leadership positions in their areas of specialization.

Course Program


  1. The masters of Science in Nursing degree programme shall run for a minimum period of 4 semesters and a maximum of 8 semesters of 15 weeks each.

  2. The master of Science in nursing course at the University of Nairobi shall be:

    a) Full time

    b) Part time: Will use modular system. At least 3 modules should be completed per


c) Distance learning/E-learning:

Will use modular system. At least 3 modules should be completed per semester.

  1. The master of Science in Nursing course shall be by course work, project and examination.

  2. A course unit shall be defined as a total of sixty contact hours of lectures, tutorials and practicals. For the purpose of implementation of this syllabus, the course unit will be referred to as a module.

  3. Candidates shall be required to take all courses offered during the first year and one course and a research project during the second year.

  4. Continuous assessments shall comprise lectures, practicals, demonstrations, and seminars, while the project shall involve individual research in a specialised area of nursing.

  5. The project report shall be submitted 3 months before the end of the semester.

  6. The research project shall be the equivalent of (eight course units) 480 hours

  7. Candidates shall be required to take three modules in a semester during part I of study.

  8. The final project report shall be moderated by an external examiner.

Course Outline

Part I Courses

Advanced Nursing Practice

Biomedical Sciences

Biostatistics & Epidemiology

Research Methods and Communication Science

Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapeutics

Health Systems Management

Part 2 Courses

Specialisation Courses - Options

Each candidate to select any ONE of the following areas of specialisation.

Medical-Surgical Nursing

Community Health Nursing

Nursing Administration and Development

Critical Care Nursing

Geriatric Nursing

Paediatric Nursing

Oncological Nursing

Obstetrics Nursing/Midwifery

Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing

Nursing Education

Disaster Management


Oral Health Care/Dental Nursing

Compulsory Course

Research Project

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