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kenya methodist university - kemu

Master of Science in Finance and Investment program

Kenya Methodist University - KeMU

Masters Program

Course Details

Course Overview

National competitiveness in the increasingly globalized economy requires a well educated and trained workforce.

The MSc program in Finance and Investment aims to provide KeMU students with requisite skills in finance and investment.

The program will expose the students to a global perspective on investment markets; provide practical knowledge on the processes and mechanics underlying investment and build on students existing quantitative skills.

The program will introduce students to relevant academic research related to management of investment portfolios.

Program Aims

  1. Students will gain knowledge of global financial markets and the local finance and investment industry.
  2. Students will learn how to estimate the fair value for an investment, to test assumptions and sensitivities and to compare different investments.
  3. Students will gain understanding of the role of different asset classes, and an understanding of how portfolios of investments are management.

Expected Learning Outcomes of the programme

  1. Utilize financial instruments and methods to develop financial solutions.
  2. Analyze the information gathered in financial sector.
  3. Carry out research in finance and investments.
  4. Make informed decisions in financial matters.
  5. Analytically and quantitatively solve investment problems.
  6. Use financial tools in making practical and workable financial decisions

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