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University of Nairobi

Masters Program 2 YEARS

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Course Overview

Several very significant factors are affecting animal production today. There is a consistent increasing demand for animal products as populations increase and their standard of living improves. These population increases are imposing proportionally greater demands on the resources of the semiarid and arid-lands, where livestock are the main means of utilizing the resources; it is also becoming apparent that the interaction between livestock and crop plays a key role in improving crop productivity. For these reasons, there is an increasing demand for professionally competent staff, in government services, Research and teaching institutions. Due to this the University of Nairobi has developed these Master of Science programme and others to help deal with the crisis.

Minimum Entry Requirements

The following shall be eligible for admission to the University of Nairobi

1. Holders of the following degree awards of the University of Nairobi or equivalent qualifications from universities or institutions recognized by the senate of the University of Nairobi;

c) Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine

d) Bachelor of Science with at least Upper Second- Class Honours in Agriculture, Range Management,  Food Science and Technology, Wildlife or Zoology.

2. Holders of Lower Second-class Honours degree with at least two years relevant experience;

3. Holders of Pass degree or equivalent qualifications as listed in above with either a relevant post-graduate diploma or five years experience.

Course Program

Animal Physiology Biochemistry  


Biometry and Computer use

Application of Statistics in

Animal Production

Principles of Scientific Comm.

Population Genetics

Quantitative Genetics

Molecular Genetics

Conservation Genetics

Animal Breeding Plans and Programmes


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