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university of nairobi

Master of Public Health program

University of Nairobi

Masters Program 2 Years

Course Details

Course Overview

The Master of Public Health at the University of Nairobi is a two year programme leading to the award of the Master of Public Health (MPH) degree .

Minimum Entry Requirements

The Master of Public Health at the University of Nairobi course admits students from the Anglophone Africa region, but also accepts applicants from other parts of the world. Hitherto, the Master of Public Health programme at the University of Nairobi has required that applicants be holders of a medical or dental degree,but this requirement is being revised to enable interested specialists from other areas to enrol.

Course Objectives

The main objective is to develop competent personnel to meet the demands of :

  • Control of diseases and management of heath problems

  • Health services management

  • Evaluation of health services

  • Planning and execution of educational programme for the health team

  • Health services research including research at the community level.

Course Program

 Course Structure

Part i

Consists of coursework in the following 15 subjects,combined with field visits;

      1. Health services Administration and Evaluation.

      2. Health Planning and Development.

      3. Epidemiology

      4. Demography

      5. Disease prevention and Control

      6. Research Methodology

      7. Biostatistics.

      8. Environmental Health

      9. Family Heath

      10. Nutrition

      11. Medical Sociology/Health Anthropology

      12. Occupational/Industrial Health

      13. Health Education

      14. Educational Methodology

      15. Primary Health Care

Part ii

The Master of Public Health students develop original research proposal and undertake field research culminating in a thesis. This part not only gives the opportunity for scientific and operational research, it also offers valuable training in organizing, planning and management of finances. Regular seminars are organized where invited speakers give presentations to students and other interested persons.


Part i

The Master of Public Health students are assessed by continuous assessment as well as through final examinations covering the various subjects areas.

Part ii

Continuous assessment is based on periodic student seminars. Master of Public Health candidates must defend their theses before a Board of Examiners Panel at the Department of Medicine in the University of Nairobi.

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