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the management university of africa

Master of Management and Leadership program

The Management University of Africa

Masters Program 2 Years

Course Details

Course Overview

The Management University of Africa ( MUA), Master of Management and Leadership (MML) program is the first regionally. It is designed to provide an opportunity for learners to combine both knowledge and action.

The programme will equip the learners with valuable skills in areas of Transformational leadership, Corporate Governance, and Ethical leadership to produce results aimed at improving organizational performance through excellent business administration practices.

Generally MUA – MML program will focus on industry practitioners through interactions with businesses and their peers, and exemplify passion for innovation as clearly stipulated in the University philosophy.

The program emphasizes a high degree learner interaction with businesses and peers in decision making and presentations. The first cohort of the MML programme will have a two weeks exchange program with the Galilee International Management Institute in Israel

Target group for the MML program
The MML program provides key skills and insights to professionals working in corporate, academic, public sector, and not-for-profit environments. Through on-campus group studies in areas such as, organizational change, learning theories, action research and crisis management, graduates will be better equipped to create high performing workplaces by motivating, empowering and inspiring organizations and others to build healthier workplace environments that are critical to success.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Minimum Admission requirements for MUA postgraduate programme

  • First Class Honours OR Second Class Honours, Upper Division in any Recognized University in any area of option
  • Second Class Lower Division from any recognized University with at least two (2) years experience in research, administration, management or the public sector, as evidenced by at least one published paper in a refereed journal or Technical reports and patent documents.
  • Bachelor’s Degree with a pass from any recognized university maybe considered for admission if:
    • He/she has at least five (5) years of relevant experience in research, administration, management or the public sector, or:
    • Has a post-graduate diploma in a relevant field from an institution ecignized by senate
    • At least GPA of 2.99 in the relevant area of option

Course Objectives

Why enroll for the MML ?
The Management University of Africa endeavors to provide innovative leadership and management solutions to Kenya and African as a whole. This will be provided in an environment that develops transformational leadership and excellent management practices in an African context.

The program was developed as a result of a needs assessment survey that showed a gap in leadership and management education in Kenya. The fundamental difference with the Master of Business Administration degree is the blend of management and leadership courses offered in the MML program. The MML program also offers career progression to PhD in Management and Leadership.

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