Master Of Arts In Political Science , Masters Program.

At University Of Nairobi

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Course Type: Masters

Duration: 4 YEARS

Study Method: Fulltime

Fee: Kshs on application

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Course Details:

Course Entry Requirements:

The following shall be eligible for admission into the programme at the University of Nairobi:

1.      A holder of Bachelor of Arts degree with at least Upper Second Class Honours or equivalent in Political Science or Public administration from the University of Nairobi or any other equivalent institution recognized by Senate.

2.      A holder of a Bachelor of Arts of Lower Second Class Honours degree or equivalent in Political Science or Public Administration from the University of Nairobi or an equivalent qualification from an institution recognized by the Senate

3.      A holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree with a Pass or an equivalent qualification in political Science or Public Administration, plus a Postgraduate Diploma in a relevant field, from the University of Nairobi or an equivalent institution recognized by the Senate.

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Course Objective

The programmes aim at:

i) Providing opportunities to students who wish to specialize and pursue academic careers in Political Science and Public Administration,

ii) Equipping students with appropriate skills and knowledge that can enable them to critically investigate and predict political events, both nationally and globally.

iii) Producing a pool of political scientists and public administrators that can contribute to the political and administrative development of their respective countries.

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Course Programme

Course outline

Foundations of Comparative Politics

Theory of Political Inquiry

Methods of Political Inquiry

Modern Political Theory

Specialization Course Units

Comparative Political Systems

Theory of International Relations

Foundations of Political Economy

Foundations of Political Sociology

Analytical Political Philosophy

Administrative Theory and Behaviour


Comparative Politics

African Politics

Comparative Politics of Industrialized States

Comparative Politics of Developing Areas

The Military and Politics

Comparative Political Systems

International Relations

Advanced International Relations

Foreign Policy Analysis

State, War and Peace in International Politics

International Organization

Political Economy

Issues in Capitalist Development

Political Economy of Industrialization

Politics & Econ. Organization in Modern Societies

International Political Economy

Political Sociology

Foundations of Political Sociology

The Social Bases of Politics

Political Parties, Interest Groups and Social Movements in Politics

Urban Politics

Political Theory

Theories of Democracy

Plato’s & Aristotle’s Political Philosophy

Contemporary Political Theory

Public Administration and Public Policy

Development Administration Seminar

Budgeting and Financial Administration

Management of Public Enterprises & Privatisation

Advanced Public Policy Analysis

Human Resource Management