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Master in Science in Pharmacognosy and Complementary Medicin

  • Masters Program
  • Duration : 2 years

Course Overview

The Masters in Science in Pharmacognosy and Complementary Medicine degree programme at the University of Nairobi is intended to produce a pool of highly trained personnel who will be involved in research and development, policy aspects of medicines from nature and complementary medicine.

Complementary medicine is currently the fastest growing form of health care worldwide in both developed and developing countries.

It is estimated by World Heath Organization that a big percentage world population still relies on complementary medicine to meet its health needs.

In many countries complementary medicine is gaining popularity as a mainstream therapy.

Today complementary medicines are being employed worldwide in a variety of heath care settings and as home remedies. Safety, efficacy, quality, access and rational use of this form of health are issues of concern.

Graduates of the Master of Science in Pharmacognosy and Complementary Medicines course at the University of Nairobi will be in demand in research institutions, pharmaceutical firms dealing with phytomedicines, teaching at Universities and tertiary institutions or as practitioners in traditional medicine.

Minimum Entry Requirements

The following shall be eligible for admission into the programme with any of the following minimum qualification from University of Nairobi:

  1. Holders of Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Dental Surgery and Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine.

  2. Holders of at least Upper Second Class Bachelor of Science degree in biological sciences.

  3. Holders of Lower Second class degree in the areas specified in 4 above plus at least two years in relevant research experience or academic work.

  4. Holders of a pass degree in the areas specified in 4 above plus a postgraduate diploma in the relevant areas.

  5. Holders of any equivalent qualifications from institutions recognized by the University of Nairobi Senate.

Course Exemptions/Transfer of Credits

  1. A candidate may be exempted up to a maximum of one third of the taught courses, provided that these are from institutions recognized by the Senate of the University of Nairobi.

  2. Applicants seeking course exemptions shall send a formal application to the Director of the Board of Postgraduate Studies through the Dean of the School of Pharmacy. The applicant should justify the request and attach supportive evidence of the relevant credentials.

Course Objectives

  1. To equip the Master of Science in Pharmacognosy and Complementary students with knowledge necessary to engage in research and development on medicines from natural resources and complementary medicines.

  2. To train skilled manpower with knowledge necessary to ensure quality, safe and efficacy of complementary medicines.

  3. To enable the students to formulate and implement policies on complementary medicine, genetic resources and traditional medical knowledge.

  4. Provide the candidates with adequate knowledge and skills to practice in different sectors of complementary medicine.

Course Program


  1. The MSc. Pharmacognosy and Complementary Medicine at the University of Nairobi shall extend for a minimum period of two years or four semesters of fifteen weeks each and a maximum period of four years or ten semesters of fifteen weeks each.

  2. The course shall be in two parts Part II and I. Part I, which shall be the first year and it, shall be devoted to coursework. Each candidate shall be required to take 4 course in each semester of Part I.

  3. The candidates shall be required to pass all 8 courses at the end of the first year before being allowed to proceed to the second year of study.

  4. The second which shall be Part II shall constitute the research work and thesis. The course shall be conducted through lectures, seminars, tutorials, demonstrations and practicals.

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