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graffins college

International Relations program

Graffins College

Higher Diploma Program 6 Months

Course Details

Course Overview

Diploma in International Relations qualification is designed to emphasize the importance of global & multicultural understanding of our dynamic and complex world through a close study of political, historical, economic, legal and cultural forces. Subjects covered : Diplomacy and Communication, International Institutions, Human Rights Studies, Economic Development in Africa, World Politics and International Relations, International Law Internal examinations (6 Subjects) Kshs. 3,000/-. Examinations are conducted in the months of March, June, September and December

Minimum Entry Requirements

KCSE,GCSE, Industrial Agreement .

Course Objectives

This programme provides students with knowledge and training which is essential to the international community, government, private and nongovernmental organizations. In addition, the programme prepares students in careers leading to a Degree in International Relations, International Law, Political Science and Policy Studies.

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