Mt Kenya University

Mt Kenya University (MKU)

Electrical Engineering

  • Certificate Program

Course Overview

This is a three year electrical installation craft course designed to meet the education requirements for trainees who desire to become certificated craftsman.
The aim is to provide a course which will be within the capacity and of direct interest and relevance to young people at various stages of development, of which will prepare them for the positions they are likely to occupy as craftsman. Besides providing the necessary skills, the course is also designed to prepare the trainee for the next course of Diploma.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Artisan Certificate in Electrical Installation, KCSE Mean Grade of D +

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, the trainees should be able to: Carry our electrical installation in building safely and correctly, Diagnose and rectify faults in electrical installations, machines and domestic appliances, read and interpret drawing and wiring diagrams, Display skills, knowledge and attitudes that would enable them to be self employed or employable or proceed with further training, Acquire relevant scientific and mathematical skills to enable them to solve transistor problems, Acquire skills, knowledge to enable them to be innovative in electrical industry.

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