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catholic university of eastern africa

doctor ofPhilosophy in Religious studies program

Catholic University of Eastern Africa

Doctorate Program 3 Years

Course Details

Course Overview

The programe on the philosophy of catholic higher education, which stresses the agree search for the whole truth about nature, humanity and God. The programme is based on the conviction that man and woman is "homo religious" and as such all dimensions of human life - politics, economics, festivity, customs and habits, social relations - posses a hidden religious meaning. it is this meaning which asks for investigation, interpretation application.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Holders of Masters degree ( Upper second class honours) in Religious studies. applicants may be required to appear for an interview before the postgraduate studies committed to determine their suitability for admission.

Course Objectives

Provide a scientific explanation on how various religious traditions can work together to promote a common humanity - one human family. Reclaim the richness of African Traditional Religion which is becoming more and more appreciated.

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