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DIPLOMA IN CROP PROTECTION program at University of Nairobi course details

Course Overview

Crop losses due to pests and diseases account for about one-third of agricultural production costs in terms of chemicals, equipment and manpower. However, skills in identification of pests, diseases and available management strategies are largely lacking. There is, therefore, an established need to train manpower in all aspects of crop protection. This diploma course is designed for staff in the private sector, government and nongovernmental organizations in the agricultural industry: agricultural extension workers, farm

managers and field technologists, staff in agricultural/education institutions, staff engaged in crop protection research, pesticide delivery service, and as a bridging course for high school graduates wishing to pursue degree programmes.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Holders of KCSE with mean grade of C plain and C- pass in any of the following subjects: biology, chemistry, agriculture, or physics.

KCE with division II and at least a pass in biology or chemistry, or physics or agriculture, or physical science or mathematics.

KACE with at least one Principal level pass and one subsidiary pass in biology or chemistry or physics or


Certificate in Crop Protection, Agriculture, Horticulture, Forestry, Environmental Sciences or related Plant or Biological Sciences.

Diploma, Higher diploma or degree in any natural or biological sciences

Course Program

Course Title

Introduction to Microbiology I

Maths, Biometry and Computer use I

Introduction to Agriculture and Principles of Crop Production

Introduction to Plant Pathology

Introduction to Agri. Entomology I

Weeds and their Management II

Pest and Disease Management II

Application of Biotechnology in Crop Protection II

Entrepreneurship in Agriculture III

Diagnostics of Crop Diseases, Arthropod Pests and Weeds III

Environmental Health, Phytosanitary Regulations and Standards III

Communication Skills and Seminars I

Special Project (2 course unit equivalent) II & III

Field/Industrial Attachment (3 course unit equivalent) IV

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