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  The School of Pharmacy is located at Kenyatta National Hospital.

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 Bachelors Degree  4 years  Fulltime Fee: on application

Bachelor of Pharmacy - overview


The School of Pharmacy is located at Kenyatta National Hospital. Pharmacy training in the University of Nairobi was established in 1995. Before that time, it was a Department in the Faculty of Medicine comprising of 4 sections namely; Pharmacognosy, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutics.

The history of the School of Pharmacy can be traced back from 1974 when the Department of Pharmacy was created. Whereas the clinical departments were situated within Kenyatta National Hospital, the pre-clinical departments were housed at the Chiromo Campus. The School of Pharmacy is currently the only facility offering a Bachelor of Pharmacy degree in the country.

Bachelor of Pharmacy - entry requirements

MODULE II PROGRAMME (privately sponsored students) in the School Pharmacy shall be governed by the following admission requirements, outlined under each catchment category.

  1. 8.4.4. System of Education (KCSE)

    Applicants must have obtained an average cluster weight of B- in the subjects shown below provided that no subject in this cluster shall have a grade below C+:

      Alternative A Alternative B

        • Chemistry - Biological sciences

        • Biology - Physical sciences

        • Maths/Physics - Mathematics

    - English/Kiswahili - English/Kiswahili

    ii G.C.E/A-Level

The minimum of two Principal passes in Biology and Chemistry and a subsidiary pass or

credit pass at 'O' level in physics or Mathematics.

    iii. Diploma in Biological Sciences

    A minimum O level Division II KCE with credit passes in the following:

    • Biology

    • Chemistry

    • Physics/Mathematics


    • Biology/Biological Sciences

    • Physics with Chemistry/Physical Sciences

    • Mathematics


A minimum C+ mean grade in KCSE with an average cluster weight of at least 32 points in

relevant subjects as shown in (b) (i) above, in addition to a Credit pass in the following

qualifications from the K.M.T.C. Or any other recognised training institution.

Diploma in:

    1. Pharmaceutical Technology

    2. Laboratory Technology

    3. Clinical Medicine

    4. Radiology

    5. Basic and/or Advanced Nursing

    6. Public Health/Environment Health

    7. Dental sciences

    Holder of any degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Nairobi or equivelent qualifications from a recognized university

    Holders of other qualifications deemed to be equivalent to (i-iv) mentioned above.

    Applicants from non-English speaking countries must sit and pass English assessment examination set and administered by the institutions recognized by the University of Nairobi Senate.

Bachelor of Pharmacy - course content

The syllabus of the degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy shall extend over a period of not less that 176 weeks comprising of FOUR LEVELS, each made up of 44 WEEKS, except for special cases approved by the senate on the recommendation of the School of Pharmacy Board and the College Academic Board. All candidates shall enrol for all courses offered in each level except for those they are dully exempted from.
Bachelor of Pharmacy
University of Nairobi Bachelors Degree

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