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africa nazarene university

Bachelors of Arts Degree in Peace and Conflict Studies program

Africa Nazarene University

Bachelors Degree Program

Course Details

Course Overview

The overall purpose of peace and conflict programs is to prepare students as potential leaders with peacemaking and conflict studies skills, which they can apply to daily life situations, regardless of their academic disciplines or chosen professions.
The programs have been developed to provide a Christian interdisciplinary perspective to the study of conflict, violence, war, and peace.
Christian approach to peace and conflict studies is essential in view of the highly complex, interconnected, interdependent world in which we live. This requires an understanding that allows people to respond creatively, rather than thoughtlessly, to conflict and violence at various levels.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Course Objectives

The program seeks to offer students a thorough grounding in Peace and
Conflict Resolution Studies skills through the outcomes of content,
competence, character and context.  This will assist them to develop
analytical skills and approaches to conflict studies and to find the
best solutions using appropriate tools.  Specifically the programs aim
at the time of graduation students will be able to meet the following
degree objectives:

  1. Develop strategies for solving conflict in given situations,

  2. Apply effective peace-building tools and negotiations skills in solving various types of conflicts,

  3. Formulate policies and strategies for community development and conflict mitigation,

  4. Assess environments, establish possible conflicts and apply negotiations skill into decision making and conflict mitigation

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