Bachelor of Theology

Scott Christian University
  • Bachelor of Theology
  • Scott Christian University (Scott)
  • Bachelors Degree Program
  • 4 years

Bachelor of Theology program at Scott Christian University course details

Course Overview

Bachelor of Theology, provides quality
training for pastors, Christian educators, missionaries, and church

Extensive coursework in Biblical Studies and Theological
Studies lay a solid foundation for courses in General Studies and
Ministry Studies, where biblical and theological truths are applied and
contextualized to holistic ministry in an African context.

The B.Th. is
offered as a four-year full-time programme, but is also available in a
school-based mode of study for those who are unable to enroll full-time.


The B.Th. also entail requirements outside the classroom that
contribute to the formation of the student in not only knowledge, but
skills and character as well.

Field Education provides students with
weekly opportunities to grow in the practice of ministry in local church
contexts. Learning Contracts, which are completed under the supervision
of faculty mentors, enable students to focus on key areas of personal
growth in Christlikeness, such as character formation, discipleship, and
servant leadership.

A 10-week internship provides a context for the
student to apply their cumulative learning under faculty supervision.

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