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mutlimedia university of kenya

Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and Information Engineering program

Mutlimedia University of Kenya

Bachelors Degree Program 5 Years

Course Details

Course Overview

Telecommunications and Information engineering is a dynamic and rapidly developing field as a result of today’s heavy reliance on the Internet, cellphones, broadband, wireless networks, broadcasting and satellite applications. Telecommunications and Information engineering lies at the heart of most information exchange, including telephone communications, broadcasting and the Internet.

The Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and Information Engineering degree programme at the Multimedia University of Kenya is based on a solid foundation of science and mathematics coursework. Students learn to extend their abilities to analyze and solve complex problems and to design new uses of technology to serve society. The program provides an integrated educational experience directed toward the development of the ability to apply pertinent knowledge to the identification and solution of practical problems in electrical and telecommunications engineering. The design experience, which includes both analytical and experimental studies, is integrated throughout the curriculum in a sequential development leading to advanced work. The program provides a blend of knowledge from electrical engineering and computer science, focusing on communications networks and systems.

Upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Telecommunication and Information Engineering degree programme at the Multimedia University of Kenya, one can work in various technical industries related to respective disciplines such as electrons, communication, power production and distribution, chemical industry, food processing, motor vehicle assembly and construction, aviation, marine and service industries.
Apart from these, a graduate can also work in research and innovation or become an entrepreneur.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • KCSE mean grade of C+ with a minimum grade of C+ in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry/ Physical Science, and either Biology/Biological Science or any of the Group III, IV, or V subjects OR
  • Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering from Multimedia University of Kenya or KNEC diploma OR
  • Diploma in Electrical/Telecommunications Engineering from an institution approved by University Senate

Course Objectives

Graduates in Telecommunication and Information Engineering from Multimedia University of Kenya receive a basic training of telecommunications and acquire as well specific skills of transmission and signal processing. Therefore, they don't become only highly qualified professionals in their field, but also achieve solid knowledge basis to be prepared for the challenges to come.

The graduates are able to conceive, design, implement and operate products, systems and services in the field of Engineering of Audiovisual Systems, including the following areas: generation, transmission, receivement and process of signal, and relating information management. These signals can be electric, acoustic or optical, in any frequency range.

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