Africa Nazarene University

Africa Nazarene University (ANU)

Bachelor of Science in International Business Management

  • Bachelors Degree Program
  • Duration : 4 years

Course Overview

The field of international business encompasses a variety of disciplines, including finance, sales, marketing, and human resources; graduates demonstrate a range of knowledge, skills, and abilities which are relevant to both business in general and international business in particular. Because of the variety of cultural contexts in which international business is conducted, an appreciation of and respect for the histories, customs, and cultures of other countries are essential elements of a graduate’s success in the international business field.

The International Business Management degree program at Africa Nazarene University program has been designed to respond to the growing globalization of business. The program provides an advanced introduction to a wide range of business and management subjects from an international perspective.

Minimum Entry Requirements

To enroll for the International Business Management Degree program at Africa Nazarene University, you nee to meet the following minimum objectives.

  • Overall Grade of C+ in KCSE, Or
  • Division II (O’ level), 2 principals & a Subsidiary (A’level), Or
  • 5 credits in IGCSE or equivalent Or
  • Minimum GPA of 2.7 from Pre-University Or
  • Minimum GPA of 2.3 from Diploma Or
  • Credit pass at Diploma level

Course Objectives

The core objectives of the IBM program at Africa Nazarene University are to develop, extend, and improve the ability to plan and act strategically in an international business environment; to strengthen analytical and decision-making skills in the functional areas of marketing, finance, multinational operations, and human resource management; and to become an effective leader in international business.

Graduates of a degree in International Business Management from Africa Nazarene University will develop specialist knowledge and skills needed in managing business internationally as well as strengthen their knowledge and decision-making ability in international business.

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