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university of eldoret

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program

University of Eldoret

Bachelors Degree Program 4 Years

Course Details

Course Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology program at University of Eldoret prepares students for technology, networking, and information management careers in business, finance, telecommunication, government, and education. The program is designed to meet the increasing demand for technology expertise in consulting, marketing and sales support, customer services and support, information and library science, and general management.

This program is designed to provide students with understanding of basic information technology management concepts and practical technology skills. On top of business and management competencies, graduates will learn the skills necessary to succeed in technology-related positions such as:

  • Information network administrator
  • Webmaster
  • Systems engineer or analyst
  • Applications developer
  • Technology project manager
  • Information systems manager

Minimum Entry Requirements

The entry requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree programme at University of Eldoret are:

  • A minimum mean grade of C+ at K.C.S.E. and grade C+ (Plus) in both Mathematics and English/Kiswahili, OR
  • KACE or equivalent Certificate with a minimum of two principal passes in A-level examination in Mathematics and English Language, OR
  • Diploma in relevant disciplines in the field of Information Technology from an Institution recognized by the University of Eldoret.

Course Objectives

Graduates with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from the University of Eldoret should be able to:

  • Demonstrate an ability to set up and integrate local and remote server and workstation computers with proper user authentication to preserve user privacy and confidentiality.
  • Demonstrate the ability to plan an integrated system that involves computer applications to satisfy specific business processes.
  • Demonstrate, manage and administer a LAN and wireless networking environment.
  • Design, develop, administer, and support a robust relational database management system.
  • Apply concepts of best practices in information technology management and security to enterprise processes.
  • Describe the ethical challenges that confront an IT professional.
  • Demonstrate written and oral communication skills in collaborative environments by participating on teams that address solutions for IT management challenges.

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