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mutlimedia university of kenya

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program

Mutlimedia University of Kenya

Bachelors Degree Program 4 Years

Course Details

Course Overview

Computer science focuses on how to design, build, and effectively use the computers and systems that we interact with every day; from our mobile phones to the complex databases in our banks and hospitals. Because computer technology powers the most essential functions of business, industry, government and entertainment, computer scientists have tremendous opportunities for growth and exploration.
The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at Multimedia University is a rigorous program that not only covers fundamental computer science subjects such as:

  • object-oriented programming,
  • computer architecture, and
  • operating systems.


    Minimum Entry Requirements

    To qualify for a position at Multimedia University's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program, a student requires to meet either of the following minimum entry requirements:

    • KCSE mean grade of C+ and a minimum of C+ in both Mathematics, Physicss, Chemistry/ Physical Science and English OR
    • A-Level two principal passes and one subsidiary pass in the relevant subjects or relevant professional qualifications approved by the University Senate

    Course Objectives

    Career opportunities for individual who pursue their Bachelor of Computer Science degree program at Multimedia University  include:

    • Designing and building software,
    • Developing effective ways to solve computing problems such as storing information in databases, sending data over networks and
    • Devising better ways of using computers in areas such as robotics, computer vision and digital forensics.

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