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africa nazarene university

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program

Africa Nazarene University

Bachelors Degree Program 3 Years

Course Details

Course Overview

Computer science is the base and platform for countless industries and disciplines. Today’s employers need graduates with both a solid foundation in the principles of computer science and specialized computing skills and backgrounds – individuals with a generalist’s knowledge, but an expert’s eye for innovation and problem solving.
It only makes sense that computer science education reflects this reality. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program at Africa Nazarene University prepares students to leave school with the tools needed to become innovators and global leaders in computing.

In this Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program, you’ll get in-depth, hands-on experience in the theory and application of computing, as well as practical experience that will convert you into an expert of how technology works and how computing can address even the most complicated and intricate problems.

Graduates form this Computer Science degree program at Africa Nazarene University typically find employment in organisations engaged in medium- to large-scale software development. Initially graduates are usually employed in technical areas such as programming and systems analysis and design, internet systems development. They are well-prepared for progression into project leadership and management positions as their experience develops.

    Minimum Entry Requirements

    Applicants into the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program at Africa Nazarene Universty must have:

    • minimum KCSE aggregate C + (C plus) or
    • ANUs Pre-University Program B- (GPA of 2.7) 
    • AND demonstrate proficiency in English.  

    The applicant must have attained a C+ in the following subjects: Mathematics, Physical Science/Physics and English for Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examination (K.C.S.E) or equivalent.

    Course Objectives

    At the completion of the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science degree program at Africa Nazarene Universty, a student should:

    • Be able to solve problems through logic, analysis and synthesis in a scientific discipline.
    • Be prepared to enter graduate school to prepare for research and development and teaching careers.
    • Be prepared to pursue a career in software engineering, software systems management, applications development(web,mobile and desktop), database administration, or end user support in government, NGOs or private sector organisations.

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