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kenya methodist university - kemu

Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems program

Kenya Methodist University - KeMU

Bachelors Degree Program 4 Years

Course Details

Course Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree provides graduates with the network technology and computing knowledge needed to design, develop and support information systems, thereby helping to solve business problems and also to support business operations and managerial decision-making. Computer information systems (CIS) professionals also evaluate existing systems and find ways to optimize their performance.

This Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree program at KEMU University has been conceived to provide an overview of basic computing technology, and concentrate on the areas of problem recognition analysis and solution. This degree program at KEMU University provides important skills in the following subject areas:

  • data structures (storing and organizing data)
  • database management (handling data efficiently)
  • network administration and construction
  • information systems design
  • information resource management
  • electronic commerce
  • software applications

The program has been designed to provide students with the technical knowledge necessary for a wide range of subsequent career paths.


    • Software Engineering

    • Computer Networks

    Minimum Entry Requirements

    The entry requirements into the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree program at KEMU University are:

    • K.C.S.E C+ (plus) or
    • C - (minus) with a Diploma (in Records & Achieves Management, ICT, Library studies, Logistics). In addition, the student must have obtained at least a C in English and a C in Mathematics or Physics.

    Course Objectives

    Expected Learning Outcomes of the Program

    Upon completion of this Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree program at KEMU University,the graduate should be able to:

    1. Analyse a wide range of problems and provide solutions through suitable algorithms, structures, diagrams, and other appropriate methods.
    2. Design and develop diverse computer systems.
    3. Identify the current changes in computing technologies.
    4. Evaluate and use professional techniques in developing processing information systems.
    5. Venture into entrepreneurship and maintain highest professionals tandards in information and communication technology.

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