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University of Nairobi (UoN)


  • Bachelors Degree Program
  • Duration : 4 years

Course Overview

This is a science degree programme that will specialize in subjects dealing with the environment, and natural resources conservation and management. Environ-mental issues and natural resources conservation and management are of major concern. Graduates of this degree programme will find themselves well placed to meet the challenges of this expanding field. The field of natural resources conservation and environmental management is a complex and interdisciplinary in nature and, therefore, it is difficult to provide a thorough coverage of all areas of natural resources management and environmental sciences in one undergraduate curriculum. The course will be composed of four core subject areas, namely biological sciences, physical sciences, environmental science and policy. The Bachelor of Science Degree in Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management is designed to produce natural resources and environmental professionals with a broad interdisciplinary background coupled with specific focus in identifying, understanding, protecting, enhancing and managing natural resources and their environment.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Requirements for admission to the University of Nairobi for the Bachelor of Science in environmental conservation and natural resources management:

1.      Applicants must have passed with a minimum average of a C+ in KCSE with a minimum of a C+ in Biology or Biological Sciences and a minimum of a C (plain) in other science subjects (Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics or Physical Sciences,) in KCSE or equivalent. Students with a C+ in Geography will have an added advantage.

2.      Two principal passes at KACE, one of which must be in Biology and the other in any other science subject from the following: Chemistry, Geography, Physics and Mathematics.

3.      Holders of a degree, diploma or equivalent in a biological science or related subjects from a University or institution recognized by Senate.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the Bachelor Science degree programme in Environmental Conservation and Natural Resources Management at the University of Nairobi are:

1.                  Encourage the integration of environmental issues and themes into courses and student projects in the basic and natural sciences,

2.                  Encourage sustainable and wise use of our natural resources using the ecosystem approach.

3.                  Foster an understanding of fundamental environmental issues, including biological diversity and the preservation of natural ecosystem integrity, both in the University community and the public at large.

4.                  Foster an understanding of the interaction between people, natural resources and environmental systems, with special emphasis on the political, social and economic factors that influence biological resources use.

Course Program

First Year

Survey of the Plant Kingdom 1

Introductory Biochemistry & Genetics 1

Organic Chemistry 1

Physical Chemistry 1

The Natural Environment 1

Fundamentals of Natural Resources Mgt 1

Invertebrate Zoology 1

Vertebrate Zoology 1

Fundamentals of Ecology 1

Communication Skills 1

Law in Society 1

Elements of Economics 1


Lower Plants 1

Second Year

Microbiology 1

Weather and Climate 1

Ecological Laboratory Technique 1

Gymnosperm & Angiosperm Taxonomy 1

Plant Ecology 1

Physical Chemistry 2 1

Principles of Landscape Ecology 1

Principles of Resources Development and Conservation 1

Introductory Biomathematics & Statistics 1

Fundamentals of Aquatic Ecology 1

Elective courses

Plant Structure and Function 1

Animal Ecology and Animal Behaviour 1

Environment & Development in Africa 1

Third Year

Vegetation Inventory and Analysis 1

East African Rangelands and Man 1

Soil Science for Conservation Biology 1

Population Ecology 1

Community Ecology 1

Principles and Practices of Bio. Conserv. 1

Environmental Health & Ecotoxicology 1

Modeling of Biological Systems 1

Research Methodology and Statistics 1

Structure and Function of E. African

Ecosystems 1

Elective Courses:

Integrated Water Resources Management 1

Fourth Year

Agroecosystems and Agroecology 1

Field Research Project 1

Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology 1

Environmental Pollution 1

GIS Applications in Environmental Mgt 1

Environmental Impact Assessment and Monitoring 1

Environmental Law and Policy 1

Environmental Auditing & Economics 1

Ecosystem Approach to Natural

Resource Management 1

Wildlife Management and Fisheries 1

Elective Courses:

Hydrology & Watershed Management 1

Forest Management 1

Conservation in International Trade and Development 1

Ecotourism and Environmental Mgt 1

Trans boundary Natural Resources Management 1

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