Kiriri Womens University of Science and Technology

Kiriri Womens University of Science and Technology (Kiriri)

Bachelor of Science and Business Administration

  • Bachelors Degree Program
  • Duration : 4years

Course Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration course at Kiriri Womens University of Science and Technology (KWUST) aims to produce graduates with a broad interest in all commercial activities and who will build upon knowledge of the functional, environmental, behavioural, economic and legal aspects of business and provide analytical and conceptual tools for analyzing and solving problems.

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration programme at KWUST is designed to create a self-directed graduate who will understand the particular challenges women face in the dynamic and multicultural workplace.

A Bachelor of Scinece in Bsuiness Administration graduate from KWUST will therefore enter the job market confident that she knows herself and her skills well enough to compete and be competent to be a leader - in whatever area of operation she may choose.

Minimum Entry Requirements

To be admitted to The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at Kirir Womens University of Science and Technology, a candidate must meet either of the following requirements:

  • Have obtained at the K.C.S.E. level, a minimum mean grade of C+. In addition to this, the candidate must have passed with a minimum grade of C in Mathematics and English.
  • Have a diploma in relevant subjects with at least a credit pass from an Institution recognised by the university.
  • A minimum cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 after undertaking Pre-University programme from a recognized institution.
  • Have any relevant qualification equivalent to the above.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, KWUST Bachelor of Science in Business Administration graduates will:

  • Have an awareness of the broad range of knowledge required in business administration.
  • Be equipped with specialized knowledge required in the particular profession they wish to enter.
  • Develop the analytical and behavioural skills they will require to make effective use of this knowledge in employment.
  • Understand the particular challenges women face in the dynamic multicultural workplace.
  • Develop the skills and capabilities required to successfully pursue graduate studies in business.

Course Program

Year 1.

Semester 1

Communication Skills, Principles of Accounting I, Principles of Micro-economic Theory, Introduction to Business, Introduction to Micro computers, Principles of Marketing

Semester 2

Culture Sex and Gender Studies, Introduction to Financial Management, Principles of Accounting II, Principles of Macro economic, Theory Business Mathematics, Principles of Purchasing.

Semester 3

Community Service.

 Year 2.

Semester 1

Development Studies, Intermediate Accounting I, Business Finance, Intermediate Micro-economic Theory, Statistics for Management, Principles of Management.

Semester 2

Computing, Professional Ethics, Public Image & Relations, Introduction to Management, Accounting, Intermediate Accounting II, Intermediate Macro economic Theory, Production & Operations Management.

Year 3.

Semester 1

Business Law, Business Communication, Implementing Total Quality, Advanced Management, Accounting, Advanced Financial Accounting Techniques, Corporate Financial Planning and Strategy, Financial Institutions and Markets I, Group Dynamics, Fundamentals of International Business, International Trade and Export-Import Management, Industrial Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Contract Administration, Inventory Planning,


International Accounting, Bankruptcy & Reorganization, Monetary Theory & Policy, Advanced Micro-economic Theory, Cost Accounting, Cross-Cultural Management, Industrial Relations, Risk Management, Consumer Behaviour, Not-for-Profit Marketing, Sales Management.

Semester 2

Business Ethics, Business Leadership & Strategy Entrepreneurship I, Cost Accounting, Auditing, Risk Management, Investment Analysis, Organisation Structure and Environment, Human Resource Management (General Management), Multinational Business Operations and Strategy, Organization Theory, Marketing Research, Strategic Marketing Planning, Material Management.

 Electives :

International Marketing, Project Management, Advanced Corporate Finance, Financial Institutions & Markets II, Advanced Macro-economic Theory, Organization Behaviour, Regional Economic Integration and Business Strategy, Managing Marketing Communications.

 Semester 3


Year 4.

 Semester 1

Research Methodology, Entrepreneurship II, Company Law, Advanced Financial Accounting Practice, Auditing and Investigation, Public Finance, Seminar in Finance, Leadership and Women, Management of International Business & Organizations, International Marketing, Public Relations, Purchasing and IT Purchasing Ethics.


Contemporary Issues in Management, Accounting, Public Sector Accounting, International Finance, Investment analysis II, International Marketing, Public Relations, Advanced Marketing Research Technique, Selected Topics in Marketing Management, International Economics I, International Marketing, Public Relations, Advanced Marketing, Research Technique, Selected Topics in Marketing Management, International Economics I.

 Semester 2

Strategic Management, Research Project, Taxation Money and Banking, Implementing Total Quality, Organisational Power and Politics, International Business Seminar, Multinational Financial Management, Product Management, Applied Marketing Research, Supplies Management, International Logistics, Management.


Contemporary Issues in Financial Accounting, Accounting Theory, Contemporary Issues in Taxation, International Economics I, Multinational Financial Management, Conflict Resolution, Negotiation and Mediation Management, Information Systems, Selected Topics in Business and Strategies, International Economics II, Pricing Promotion & Advertising, Retail Marketing Management, Contemporary Issues in Inventory Management, Special Topics in Purchasing.

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