The Management University of Africa

The Management University of Africa (MUA)

Bachelor of Management and Leadership

  • Bachelors Degree Program
  • Duration : 4 years

Course Overview

All organisations need great leaders to empower and motivate staff and to guide the business through the complexities of the modern economic environment. If you want to focus on becoming an excellent manager and developing the skills that you can take with you to any workplace, this Bachelor of Management and Leadership program offered at The Management University of Africa is the right course for you.

The topics covered in this course include managing organisations, organisational behaviour and management, leadership, people development, knowledge management, international management, leading organisational change and business strategy.

The programme has been developed with the understanding that as the challenge to have well managed institutions in the society increases, relevant management and leadership are required to adjudicate the emerging demands both in public and private sector. The Bachelor of Management and leadership programme( BML) is offered with the following options:

  • Business administration
  • Human resource
  • Procurement
  • Marketing

Career Opportunities

Students who complete the BML programme have a number of career and academic progression options. The BML programme will equip students with the necessary skills to launch their careers in:

  • Strategic Management
  • Organisational Leadership
  • Entrepreneurship.

The programme offers a good foundation to postgraduate degrees such as the MBA.


Minimum Entry Requirements

Entry Requirements into the Bachelor of Management and Leadership degree program at MUA university are:

  • KCSE -  Mean Grade C+ with C plain in both Mathematics and English or Kiswahili or Mean Grade C or its equivalent with diploma in the relevant area of study from a recognized Institution.
  • IGCSE - 5 Upper level passes (equivalent to C+).
  • GCE -  Five (5) O’ Level (Equivalent to C+) with a pass, C in Maths & English or Kiswahili.
  • 12th Grade -  GPA of 2.5.
  • KACE - 2 principal passes & a minimum pass of 7 in Maths and English or Kiswahili at KCE.


Course Objectives

MUA’s Bachelor of Management and Leadership program is designed to equip you with the knowledge required for your career in business, while also developing the skills essential to thrive in a dynamic and increasingly technology-driven work environment.

As a graduate from this management and leadership program roles in a wide range of public and private enterprises can be made available to you, such as human resources director, corporate services director, organisational development director, corporate planner and policy officer.

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