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Bachelor of Christian Education program

Kenya Highlands Evangelical University

Bachelors Degree Program

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Course Overview

Although Christian Education (C.E.) has the discipline of theology as its foundation, it is not in itself theology. While theology is a study of God, Christian Education is a study of how to help people know God. Knowledge of God is different from knowing God, in that knowing God is experiential-it is based on a relationship with Him.

The C.E. degree endeavors to go beyond the theory of theology to its practical implementation in the church and community. It prepares students for the communication of the Christian life to all ages and in every opportunity. While the theology degree focuses on the preparation of pastors, missionaries and theologians, the Christian Education degree prepares students to minister in the church as teachers and directors of the educational ministries for the church. By comparison, Christian Education is a specialized ministry within the church as paediatrics is a specialized study within the field of medicine.

Christian education is designed for the whole person, touching all areas of the persons life-that is knowledge, attitudes and skills. Its goal is to develop Christ-likeness in the learner. It is a process of character formation through free interaction of the teacher, learner and the environment. This interaction will enable the learner to go beyond the immediate goals of curriculum and examinations to the far-reaching effects of transformational education-that of changed lives.

The Goals of the Bachelor of Christian Education Degree

  • To lead students in a biblically based holistic development, namely spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, and physically.
  • To prepare students to minister to children, youth and adults in Christian education vocations, namely Christian education directors, youth leaders, TEE (Theological Education by Extension) leaders and teachers, and catechists.
  • To enable students to understand a diversity of world views from an evangelical perspective.
  • To develop competency necessary for graduate studies.
  • To prepare qualified persons who will competently communicate the principles of Christian belief and conduct to others.
  • To enable students to identify, evaluate, and develop educational programmes of the church in the light of biblical and theological principles.
  • To assist students to formulate an approach to Christian spiritual formation, growth, development, and maturity by focusing primarily on human development, educational process and spiritual development.
  • To acquaint students with the learning process and suggest appropriate methods of teaching to meet the needs of each learning style.

Minimum Entry Requirements

  • An applicant must be a confessing
    Christian, having testimony of a spiritual regeneration, or born-again
    experience. This experience is characterized by a realization of ones
    own sin which separates one from God, a repentance and forsaking of sin,
    a trust in Christ to forgive and remove the guilt of sin, and a desire
    and intent to follow and live for Christ.
  • An applicant must be a regular attendee of a local fellowship of Christians.
  • An applicant must desire to grow in
    understanding of biblical and theological subjects and acquire practical
    skills so as to be able to address the needs of the church and society
    with the authority of Christian truth.
  • Minimum score of C+ in English on the KCSE is strongly recommended.

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