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University of Nairobi

Bachelors Degree Program 4 YEARS

Course Details

Course Overview

Since its inception in 1970s, Kenya Utalii a University of Nairobi branch College has been a premier institution in producing skilled human power for the tourism industry both locally and internationally. Our tourism related diploma courses have had a world-wide appeal with most of our graduates having been engaged in practical development of the tourism industry.

We feel that there is a growing demand for our product as the globe turns into a village and travel and tourism become the primary modes of leisure and recreation. This has encouraged us to venture into a degree programme.

Our degree program is comprehensive and tailored to prepare students for careers in the travel and tourism industry. The subject matter reflects the skills and knowledge required by today’s professionals in the field of tourism. We shall also strive to enhance professionalism, scholarship and research by incorporating current technical and theoretical developments in the industry, which will make our students employable in the Travel and Tourism industry.

Minimum Entry Requirements

1.      KCSE with a C+ or equivalent

2.      KCSE with a C plain or equivalent Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized post- secondary institution.

3.      KCE/EACE Div. III/Ordinary GCE or equivalent Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized post- secondary institution.

4.      KACE or EAACE/Advanced GCE Certificate with one principal pass Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized postsecondary institution.

5.      KACE or EAACE certificate with two principal passes or equivalent.

6.      International Baccalaureate Diploma

7.      A degree from a recognized University or equivalent.

Course Objectives

i) To enable students to pursue studies in travel and tourism management at a higher level.

ii) To enable students to acquire relevant theoretical and practical skills needed in travel and tourism management.

iii) To build-up capacity in all areas of travel and tourism.

iv)To provide an avenue for advanced research in the travel and tourism industry.

Course Program

Level 1:

Semester I

 Introduction to Ecology

Attractions & Facilities

Introduction to Tourism

Introduction to Travel & Tour Operations

Cultural Heritage Tourism

Travel Geography

Communication Skills


Semester 2

 Business Ethics

Information Technology in Hospitality and Tourism

Introduction to Airfare Construction

Tour Planning

Destination History

Wildlife Knowledge for Tourism

Theory of Travel & Tourism

Level 2

Semester 1

Hospitality & Tourism Marketing


Airfare Construction

Principles of Accounting

Tour Operations Management

Natural History of Fauna

Domestic Tourism

Semester 2

Principles of Management

Principles of Tour Guiding

Elements of Statistics

Leisure & Recreation Management

Human Resource Management for

Hospitality & Tourism

Travel Reservations Systems

Hotel and Lodge Operations

Level 3

semester 1

Managerial Finance and Accounting in Hospitality and Tourism

Organizational Behaviour for Hospitality and Tourism

Destination Management in Hospitality

Tourism Transport Systems

Foreign Language level I Unit I

Foreign Language Level III Unit I

Semester 2

Travel Agency Management

Research Methods

Sustainable Tourism

Topics in World Civilizations

Services Marketing

Entrepreneurship in Hospitality and Tourism

Foreign Language level I Unit II

Foreign Language level III Unit II

Level 4

Semester 1

Environmental Management for Hospitality & Tourism

Tourism Planning & Development Hospitality and Tourism Economics

Incentives & Special Events Management

Logistics for Travel & Tourism

Foreign Language level II Unit I E

Foreign Language level IV Unit I

Semester 2

Tourism Project

Meetings & Conventions Management

Current Issues in Tourism

Global Business and Cultural Diversity

 Hospitality and Tourism Law E

General and Strategic Management in Hospitality and Tourism

Foreign Language level II Unit II

Foreign Language level IV Unit II

Semester 3

Industrial Training


Science and Technology