University of Nairobi

University of Nairobi (UoN)


  • Bachelors Degree Program
  • Duration : 4 years

Course Overview

Minimum Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for admission to the University of Nairobi for the above programme

1.      KCSE with a C+ or equivalent or KCSE with a C plain or equivalent Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized  post- secondary institution.

2.      KCE/EACE Div. III/ Ordinary GCE or equivalent Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized post- secondary institution.

3.      KACE or EAACE./ Advanced GCE Certificate with one principal pass Plus a Diploma (including IB Diploma) or equivalent from a recognized postsecondary institution, KACE or EAACE certificate with two principal passes or equivalent.

4.      International Baccalaureate Diploma or a degree from a recognized University or equivalent.

5.      A Diploma course shall be required to have covered at least 3 course units of 45 contact hours each over a minimum period of 2 semesters of 15 weeks or 270 contact hours.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the programme are:

i) To understand and appreciate the role of politics in human life.

ii) To equip students with skills of understanding and conducting research on politics, political processes and political systems globally.

iii) To acquire appropriate skills that can enable students to effectively participate and contribute to political development in the country.

Course Program

First Year

Introduction to Political Science

Politics and Government in Africa

Basic Concepts in Political Science

Politics and Government in Kenya

Second Year

Political Theory

Introduction to Political Theory

Modern Political Theory

Political Economy

Introduction to Political Economy

Political Economy of African Development

Political Sociology

Introduction to Political Sociology

Politics and Social Integration

Comparative Politics

Introduction to Comparative Politics

Comparative Politics of Developing Areas

Comparative Politics of Industrial states

International Relations

Introduction to International Relations

Relations among African States

Issues in International Relations

Africa and the Major Powers

Introduction to International Law

Third Year

Political Theory

Theory of Political Inquiry

Methods of Political Inquiry

Major Themes in African Political Thought

African Political Thought: Selected Works

Political Sociology

Politics of Social Movements

Parties and Pressure Groups

Comparative Politics

Politics and Government in East Africa

Politics and Government of a Selected African


Politics & Government of a Selected Developing


International Relations

North-South Relations

South-South Relations

International Organization

Political Economy

Politics of Agricultural Development

Politics of Industrialization in Africa

Women in the Political Economy of the Third World



Fourth Year

Political Theory

Theory of Democracy

Seminar on Approaches to Political Science


Political Sociology

Urban Politics

Public Opinion and Voter Behaviour


Comparative Politics

Politics and Government in South Africa

The Military in the Politics of a Selected Region


International Relations

Kenya’s Foreign Policy

Comparative Foreign Policies

Politics of Regional Cooperation and Conflict

Superpower Relations

Strategic and National Security Studies

International Law and the African States


Political Economy

Politics of Multinational Corporations

Dependency & Development in the Third World


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