Bachelor of Arts in Economics BA Econ

Moi University
  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics (B.A. Econ)
  • Moi University (Moi Uni)
  • Bachelors Degree Program
  • 4years

Bachelor of Arts in Economics (B.A. Econ) program at Moi University course details

Course Overview

The Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Economics provides an excellent preparation for employment in the private and public sectors, and for graduate study in a variety of fields, such as MBA programs.

The importance of economics among the social sciences, and its appeal to many students who choose it as a major, reflects its deep intellectual roots, its rigorous analytical methods, and its powerful ability to explain social phenomena.

A student of The Bachelor of Arts in Economics program at Moi University learns not only deductive methods of logic, but also inductive methods of reasoning using statistical methods and a variety of social and economic data.

A firm foundation in economics is essential to a meaningful training in business administration, public administration, or social science.

Minimum Entry Requirements

The applicant of Bachelor of Arts in Economics should be able to fulfill Joint Admissions Board admission requirements as follows:

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE);
    • Eng. or Kis.;
    • Any group III;
    • Mat. and
    • Any group II or Eco. or Com. or Acc.
  • or
  • CPA/CPS or their equivalent.

Course Objectives

The objectives of the Bachelor of Arts in Economics programme are to:

  • To give the graduate the basic specialized knowledge and skills required for sound quantitative economics, conception, analysis and application to policies.
  • Equip the graduates with the latest tools of analysis and expose them to most modern outcomes of economics research both for intellectual stimulation and practical application.
  • To prepare students for careers in management government, education, private sector and international organizations.

Course Program

First Year Courses

Semester I

  • Introduction to Maths 1
  • Introduction to Micro-economics
  • Semester II
  • Introduction to Maths 2
  • Introduction to Macro-economics
  • Second Year Courses

Semester I

  • Basic Mathematics
  • Economics
  • Statistics I
  • History of Economic Thought I
  • Technology and Modern Industrial Society
  • Research Methods

Semester II

  • Issues in African Economic Development Economics

Statistics II

  • History of Economic
  • Thought Economics of Money and Banking

Third Year Courses

Semester I

  • Intermediate Microeconomics
  • Maths for Economists
  • Quantitative Methods I
  • Economic Development I
  • Development and Population
  • Economic Demography

Semester II

  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Quantitative Methods II
  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Economics
  • Comparative Economic
  • Systems Field Attachment
  • Public Finance and
  • Fiscal Policy

Fourth Year Courses

Semester I

  • Advanced Microeconomics
  • Econometrics I
  • International Economics I
  • Agricultural Economics I
  • Economics of Labour and Industry I
  • Economic Policy Analysis

Health Economics

Semester II

  • Advanced Macroeconomics
  • Econometrics II
  • International Economics II
  • Agricultural Economics II
  • Economics of Labour and Industry II
  • Research Paper
  • Monetary Theory and Policy
  • Project Appraisal and Evaluation
  • The World Food Economy

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