Bachelor of Agribusiness Management

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  • Bachelor of Agribusiness Management
  • Laikipia University
  • Bachelors Degree Program
  • 4 years

Bachelor of Agribusiness Management program at Laikipia University course details

Course Overview

Agribusiness is the business of food, agricultural commodity and fiber production and the technology necessary to change a raw material (a commodity) or an idea into a new product or business for the world’s consumers. Producing, financing, marketing, and providing food, agricultural commodities and fiber for the world amounts to more than one-half of the  global economy.
The Bachelor of Agribusiness Management degree program at Laikipia University combines study in agricultural science with business disciplines, preparing you for leadership roles in the agricultural sector.

Agribusiness careers can cross into a multitude of industries as well, including farming, retail marketing, food processing and investments, just to name a few. Some of the most common career options available include:

  • Farm appraiser - assesses the value of a farm, its employees and facilities
  • Agricultural policy analyst - develops and analyzes policies that affect agricultural businesses
  • Farm manager - manages daily operations of a farm, including crops and livestock
  • Crop producer - grows grains, field crops, vegetables, fruits, nuts and more
  • Grain and livestock trader - buys supplies of grains, seeds and cattle for a farm's operations
  • Market analyst - analyzes the financial condition of the agribusiness economic market
  • Financer - provides financial assistance for agribusiness, such as matching crop suppliers with farms
  • Quality controller - focuses on improving the output and quality of a farm's production
  • Marketing head - leads marketing strategy for a farm; builds awareness and buzz


Minimum Entry Requirements

Students interested in enrolling for the Bachelor in Agribusiness Management must satisfy the minimum University entrance requirements in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E.).

In addition to this, all candidates should meet the requirements provided in the Laikipia University Statutes. In addition to the above, applicants must offer passes in the following subjects:

  • B in Biology OR B- in Biological Sciences and B+ in Mathematics.
  • An added advantage will be given to applicants who have passed with at least a C grade pass in economics, commerce or accounting.
  • Admission may be granted to outstanding diploma holders who have passed with distinction, Credit or equivalent in management, farm management or other discipline recognized by the Laikipia University Senate.

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