Five points to consider before applying to a University

Author: Jully

Five points to consider before applying to a University

High school is officially over, the long wait has paid of. You will will be joining Campus like you have always wished. Those four years in High School were paramount in that they would determine which Campus you would go to.
Before you apply to any campus, there are a number of things that you need to look at.
These are:-

  1. Accredition: How well is the Institution recognized? Is it recognized by the Education board, Locally and Nationally?
  2. Majors (Degrees available): Does the Institution offer the course that you want to pursue?
  3. Location: Is the environment of the Institution conducive for learning?
  4. Cost: What is the overall cost of joining the Institution and how easily you can afford it. (These costs include the fee and accommodation )
  5. Graduation rate: How many students graduate from the said Institution and how easily are they absorbed into the job market?

These tips should help you make an informed decision about the Campus you would like to join.

Author: Jully

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