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Riara University - overview


The Riara Story: The Riara University was born out of a sincere desire to provide a holistic approach in higher education. It is a logical continuation of our commitment, dating back to 1974, to ensure education and development of the whole child, learner and person. Ours is a concept that goes beyond the classroom, syllabus-based learning, and reaches out to provide stimulation and motivation for self-development and capacity for life-long education.


The process of education from kindergarten through primary and secondary and now university flows like that of the perennial Riara River: forever challenging, forever nourishing, forever fulfilling. Each level of the Riara experience then becomes a fountain, springing from fertile ground, showering all those it reaches; and who in turn infect others with enthusiasm, courage and God given brilliance, continually refined by the ever-flowing Riara River.

Welcome to the Riara University, the pinnacle of our vision.

To be a leading university in the world and a Centre of Excellence in scholarship, research and human resource development.

To provide a holistic education to enable each student to realize their full potential and to develop social and moral values which will underpin their actions through life.

Value Statement

  • Excellence : We will have only one standard EXCELLENCE!
  • Leading by Example : We will strive to lead by EXAMPLE.
  • Teamwork : We will cultivate the spirit of TEAMWORK.
  • Integrity : We will be ETHICAL and PROFESSIONAL in our CONDUCT.
  • Innovation : We will encourage and reward INNOVATION, especially BREAKTHROUGH IDEAS.


Why Choose Riara University

  • We deliver our programmes using modern student-centred learning and teaching methods that are designed to make learning exciting;
  • Our assessment methods are innovative and shall be used to supplement students´┐Ż learning experiences;
  • We have put in place an efficient curriculum management system that ensures timely access to student records and reports;
  • We maintain small class sizes that translate to low student: lecturer ratio to ensure quality learning
  • We have put in place a rigorous student recruitment process to ensure quality enrolment;
  • Our mentoring programme shall ensure that you do not walk alone;
  • Our programmes shall be supported by a wide range of academic resources;
  • Our spacious lecture rooms have been designed to give students an exciting and a fulfilling learning experience;
  • We have put in place a robust enrichment programme that presents various student leadership opportunities, nurtures talents and empowers students for life.

History of Riara University

Riara University is the latest innovation in higher education in Kenya. With its ultra-modern physical infrastructure and state-of-the-art ICT facilities, together with the rigour in the development of its academic programmes, Riara University is undoubtedly the regional university of choice.

For four decades, the Riara brand has been a great success in the field of education within the Eastern & Central African region and beyond. We are inspired and motivated by the Riara philosophy of quality education to bridge higher education and the dynamism of the labour market.

Riara University Physical Location

Riara University is located in Mbagathi Way, Nairobi in Kenya

Riara University
Nairobi County Private University
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